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 26/06/2019 Tlaxcala, the international network of translators for linguistic diversity Tlaxcala's Manifesto  
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France: After the age of the cathedrals, that of indecency, hypocrisy and incompetence - Rémy Herrera
A cathedral burned down. One of the most beautiful, on the Ile de la Cité, the ancestral heart of Paris; one of the most imposing, built in the Central Middle Ages over the course of nearly two centuries (probably started in 1163, under King ...

Original: Français
Translations available: English  Español  Português/Galego 
Second Assemby of the Assemblies of the Yellow Vests: “We’ll have to leave capitalism behind us” - Rémy Herrera
“Act 21” of the Yellow Vests took place on Saturday, April 6, as their demonstrations have every week for almost five months.  But a parallel event was held from April 5 to 7 in the evening in Saint-Nazaire, in Loire-Atlantique, which ...

Original: English
Translations available: Português/Galego 
Yellow Vests get first game-changing win: A vote to stop denationalisation of French airports - Ramin Mazaheri رامین مظاهری
You never read the word “denationalisation” in Western media anymore, only “privatisation”. That makes sense… “denationalisation” is so obviously negative; it’s lack of patriotism and concern for the ...

Original: English
Translations available: Português/Galego 
EU dilemma: how to deal with China - Pepe Escobar Пепе Эскобар
Beijing is, little by little, extending its influence not only inside the EU but inside the NATO space. Facing China’s irresistible rise all across the chessboard, and under relentless US pressure, the not exactly democratic EU leadership is ...

Original: English
Translations available: Português/Galego 
Alexei Kudrin proposes to offer the US Govt. half of Crimea, half of Donbass, half of the Kuril Islands, and half of Venezuela
General Gerasimov proposes to fight the US on all fronts
- John Helmer
Alexei Kudrin (lead image) is the longest-running candidate for regime change in the Kremlin who is not in jail, or outside the country. “We need a friendly global environment,” he told  a business conference in Moscow last week. ...

Original: English
Translations available: Français 
Manifesto for a new popular internationalism in Europe - Various Authors - Autores varios - Auteurs divers- AAVV-d.a.
The ReCommons Europe Manifesto has been drawn up by a group of researchers and activists from a dozen or so countries in Europe who wish to propose a plan to be carried out by the radical left forces that want to create the conditions for social change ...

Original: Italiano
Translations available: English  Français  Português/Galego  Español  Türkçe 
The ‘American party’ in EU institutions - Manlio Dinucci Μάνλιο Ντινούτσι مانليو دينوتشي
"Russia can no longer be considered a strategic partner and the European Union must be prepared to impose further sanctions on it if it continues to violate international law": this is what the resolution adopted by the European Parliament ...

Original: English
Translations available: Italiano 
The beginning of a social “Stalingrad” in Europe: the Yellow Vests against the totalitarian Empire of Finance - Dimitris Konstantakopoulos Δημήτρης Κωνσταντακόπουλος
Back to the Future! Elated, with the single-mindedness of the “We” of the many, suddenly aware of its power, the crowd pours out of the narrow street in which it was crammed, to the spacious Place de la Republique while singing the  ...

Original: Deutsch
Translations available: English 
Back to the (cold) war: the propaganda for it is running at full speed, by Frau von der Leyen, for example - Albrecht Müller
The astonishing thing about this time is that the outstanding representatives of the West have lost all decency and self-respect: they lie unmoved, they exaggerate, they are perfect in their method of holding the thief. This is what Mrs von der Leyen's ...

Original: English
Translations available: Español  Français 
European Parliament disregards Court rulings and adopts fishing deal with Morocco including Western Sahara - Western Sahara Resource Watch
Notwithstanding four consecutive rulings of the EU's highest Court calling such a practice illegal, the European Parliament has just now voted in favour of the EU-Morocco Fisheries Agreement that will be applied to the waters of occupied Western ...

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