TLAXCALA تلاكسكالا Τλαξκάλα Тлакскала la red internacional de traductores por la diversidad lingüística le réseau international des traducteurs pour la diversité linguistique the international network of translators for linguistic diversity الشبكة العالمية للمترجمين من اجل التنويع اللغوي das internationale Übersetzernetzwerk für sprachliche Vielfalt a rede internacional de tradutores pela diversidade linguística la rete internazionale di traduttori per la diversità linguistica la xarxa internacional dels traductors per a la diversitat lingüística översättarnas internationella nätverk för språklig mångfald شبکه بین المللی مترجمین خواهان حفظ تنوع گویش το διεθνής δίκτυο των μεταφραστών για τη γλωσσική ποικιλία международная сеть переводчиков языкового разнообразия Aẓeḍḍa n yemsuqqlen i lmend n uṭṭuqqet n yilsawen dilsel çeşitlilik için uluslararası çevirmen ağı

 24/02/2020 Tlaxcala, the international network of translators for linguistic diversity Tlaxcala's Manifesto  
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The project for a “New Middle East” - Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya Махди Дариус Наземроа مهدی داریوش ناظم الرعایا
This article by award winning author Mahdi Nazemroaya first published by Global Research in November 2006 is of particular relevance  to an understanding of the ongoing process of destabilization and political fragmentation in the Middle East ...

Original: English
No war on Iran!
Global Day of Protest on January 25
- International Action Center
From Armenia to Venezuela   ...

Original: Français
Translations available: English 
Bringing A Dark Place to Light – Julian Assange’s Facing the Political and Judicial System, hearing of January 13, 2020 - WikiJustice Julian Assange
The following article was written by M. K. for Wikijustice Julian Assange. Originally published in French, it was translated using Deepl into English. The human rights organization Wikijustice Julian Assange filed its third request for the release ...

Original: English
Translations available: Italiano 
The role of utility meters in mass surveillance - Jerry Day
We are being told that the Internet of Things is supposed to be our future, everything is connected, everything is a data source. We are told this will make things more convenient somehow, maybe, but your convenience is not what the Internet of Things ...

Original: English
Translations available: Português/Galego  Français  فارسی 
Battle of the Ages to stop Eurasian integration - Pepe Escobar Пепе Эскобар
Coming decade could see the US take on Russia, China and Iran over the New Silk Road connection The Raging Twenties started with a bang with the targeted assassination of Iran’s General Qasem Soleimani. Yet a bigger bang awaits us throughout ...

Original: Español
Translations available: English  Français 
Trump pushes the world into the abyss - Ángel Guerra Cabrera
The list of United States aggressions against Iran dates back to the 1950’s. Murdering General Qassem Soleimani, the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force, on January 2, is only the beginning of a new chapter in the conflict ...

Original: English
Translations available: Français  Italiano 
Clausewitz, Trump and Soleimani - Gilad Atzmon جيلاد أتزمون گيلاد آتزمون
American politics is a continuation of Israel’s wars by different means The 19th century military philosopher Carl von Clausewitz observed that war is the continuation of politics by different means. This is an apt description of Iranian ...

Original: Italiano
Translations available: English  Français 
The U.S. strategy of ‘creative chaos’ strikes the Middle East again - Alberto Negri
Washington’s objective is to destroy the Muslim states capable of opposing Israel, the United States’ watchdog in the region, and Saudi Arabia, the biggest client of US weaponry. The US started the new year with another disconcerting ...

Original: English
Translations available: Português/Galego  Français 
Soleimani murder: what could happen next? - The Saker El Saqr Балобан الصقر
First, a quick recap of the situation We need to begin by quickly summarizing what just happened: General Soleimani was in Baghdad on an official visit to attend the funeral of the Iraqis murdered by the USA on the 29th The US has now officially ...

Original: English
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Biden is against Soleimani's assassination, while Gantz applauds it - Gideon Levy جدعون ليفي גדעון לוי
There are very few things in America today that inspire jealousy. Here’s one of them: The immediate harsh criticism by leaders of the Democratic Party of the assassination of Qassem Soleimani.   Pakistani Shiite Muslims demonstrate over ...

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