TLAXCALA تلاكسكالا Τλαξκάλα Тлакскала la red internacional de traductores por la diversidad lingüística le réseau international des traducteurs pour la diversité linguistique the international network of translators for linguistic diversity الشبكة العالمية للمترجمين من اجل التنويع اللغوي das internationale Übersetzernetzwerk für sprachliche Vielfalt a rede internacional de tradutores pela diversidade linguística la rete internazionale di traduttori per la diversità linguistica la xarxa internacional dels traductors per a la diversitat lingüística översättarnas internationella nätverk för språklig mångfald شبکه بین المللی مترجمین خواهان حفظ تنوع گویش το διεθνής δίκτυο των μεταφραστών για τη γλωσσική ποικιλία международная сеть переводчиков языкового разнообразия Aẓeḍḍa n yemsuqqlen i lmend n uṭṭuqqet n yilsawen dilsel çeşitlilik için uluslararası çevirmen ağı la internacia reto de tradukistoj por la lingva diverso

 31/03/2017 Tlaxcala, the international network of translators for linguistic diversity Tlaxcala's Manifesto  
Common hopes
People, groups and territories marked by Islamic civilization. A community of beliefs, values, debates and hopes gathered together in a quarter of all humanity.

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The 'Birth Pangs' of a New Middle East, Remixed

Pepe Escobar Пепе Эскобар

You all remember former US Secretary of State Condi Rice's notorious 2006 prediction about "birth pangs of a New Middle East." True to the George "Dubya" Bush/Cheney regime, Condi got it all spectacularly wrong, not only about Lebanon ...

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With Trump, we are all going to die

Abdellah Taïa عبد الله الطايع

Abdellah Taïa, writer and director, has just published "Celui qui est digne d’être aimé" (The one who is worthy of being loved) with Editions Seuil. In this forum, he expresses his anxiety about a West that is ...

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A Very Personal Call for Peace in Syria

Vijay Prashad

"This tragedy will scar my heart forever": Tima Kurdi A year and a half ago, the Turkish photojournalist Nilüfer Demir chanced upon a sight that would become iconic: the prone body of 3-year-old Alan Kurdi, washed up from the angry ...

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The Syrian People Desperately Want Peace - Tulsi Gabbard
As much of Washington prepared for the inauguration of President Donald Trump, I spent last week on ...

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Open Letter to “Human Rights Defenders” on Aleppo - Jean Bricmont
Let there be no mistake: this is by no means a criticism of human rights as an ideal to work for. The ...

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The many ‘truths’ on Syria: How our rivalry has destroyed a country - Ramzy Baroud رمزي بارود
“The United States has the power to decree the death of nations,” wrote Stephen Kinzer in ...

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First official mosque for Athens creates disquiet in Muslim communities - Demetrios Ioannou Δημήτριος Ιωάννου
Muslims in the Greek capital fear that makeshift local mosques will be shut down when first official ...

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This Is the End of Syria - Vijay Prashad
The fall of Aleppo and the collapse of diplomacy point to a new and probably dark future for the country ...

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Majority Rule: For A Just Resolution of The Syrian Conflict - Yassin al-Haj Saleh ياسين الحاج صالح
This article is addressed to an unidentified, moderately informed and well-meaning reader, and it suggests ...

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When Mosul falls, Isis will flee to the safety of Syria. But what then? - Robert Fisk
The entire Isis caliphate army could be directed against the Assad government and its allies – ...

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