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 06/08/2020 Tlaxcala, the international network of translators for linguistic diversity Tlaxcala's Manifesto  
21/06/2020  -  IMAGE AND SOUND
Original: English
Translations available: Français 
Meet the artist who painted the George Floyd mural on the Separation Wall in Palestine - Yumna Patel یمنا پٹیل يمنة باتل
“The most important thing is that the people know this mural is a gift from Palestine,” Taqi Spateen tells Mondoweiss. “That’s all that matters.” It was the middle of the night when ...

21/06/2020  -  UNIVERSAL ISSUES
Original: Italiano
Translations available: English 
CoViD-19: Sweden and Tanzania are disobedient, to whom? - Leopoldo Salmaso
Whatever the origin of SARS-COV-2: natural (with the complicity of the ecological distress caused by man) or artificial (culpable or malicious), it is increasingly evident that this new coronavirus is the “false flag”, the pretext for a total ...

21/06/2020  -  UNIVERSAL ISSUES
Original: English
Billionaire Bonanza 2020: wealth windfalls, tumbling taxes, and pandemic profiteers
- Institute for Policy Studies
Billionaires dominate our politics, culture, and economy. Their wealth, as this report shows, has concentrated mightily over the last four decades — even as the number of U.S. households with zero or negative net worth is increasing and most ...

21/06/2020  -  USA & CANADA
Original: English
Juneteenth: Freedom is in the claiming - Various Authors - Autores varios - Auteurs divers- AAVV-d.a.
“Words of Emancipation didn’t arrive until the middle of June so they called it Juneteenth. So that was it, the night of Juneteenth celebration, his mind went on. The celebration of a gaudy illusion.” — Ralph Ellison, “ ...

20/06/2020  -  USA & CANADA
Original: English
Translations available: Français  Italiano  Español 
The demands of the Collective Black Voices at Free Capitol Hill to the Government of Seattle, Washington - Free Capitol Hill
In credit to the people who freed Capitol Hill, this list of demands is neither brief nor simplistic. This is no simple request to end police brutality. We demand that the City Council and the Mayor, whoever that may be, implement these policy changes ...

19/06/2020  -  IMAGE AND SOUND
Original: English
Translations available: Français 
“It is because of our effort toward getting straight to the root that people ofttimes think we’re dealing in hate”
Eulogy for Ronald X Stokes, murdered by police, Los Angeles, May 22, 1962
- Malcolm X El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz ٱلْحَاجّ مَالِك ٱلشَّبَازّ‎ (1925-1965)
On April 27th 1962, two LAPD police officers instructed to closely monitor a mosque’s activities (Muslim Temple 27 in Los Angeles) saw Black men taking clothes out of the back of a car outside the mosque. They approached aggressively and soon ...

Original: English
Translations available: Français  Italiano 
Zionist Logic - Malcolm X El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz ٱلْحَاجّ مَالِك ٱلشَّبَازّ‎ (1925-1965)
This article was published in The Egyptian Gazette on Sept. 17, 1964 during Malcolm X's third and last trip to Egypt, where he had the opportunity to visit the Khan Yunis refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, then under Egyptian administration Mohammad ...

17/06/2020  -  IMAGE AND SOUND
Original: English
Translations available: Italiano 
Seattle activists create Autonomous Zone near abandoned police precinct after days of State violence - Amy Goodman
In Seattle, protesters have barricaded a six-block autonomous zone, after protests were met with a violent police response. Amid a days-long standoff, police removed barricades and abandoned their East Precinct building, and protesters moved into ...

Original: Svenska/Dansk/Norsk
Translations available: Français  English 
How Black Panthers reignited French theory - Petra Carlsson
For Michel Foucault, the meeting with the Black Panthers, born in response to the racist police discrimination and violence in the USA in the 1960s, was a political trigger. Indeed, today's critical social analysis is indebted to the civil rights movement ...

Original: English
The Antislavery mural is back, hopefully forever - Gilad Atzmon جيلاد أتزمون گيلاد آتزمون
Hip Hop legend Ice Cube came under fire last week for posting an anti- racist image on Twitter in support of Black Lives Matter.  The image was widely panned as ‘anti-Semitic’ by those who work hard to conceal images of slavery, oppression ...

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