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 Azmi Bishara عزمي بشارة עזמי בשארה‎  
Author /   Azmi Bishara عزمي بشارة עזמי בשארה‎
Azmi Bishara عزمي بشارة עזמי בשארה‎
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Azmi Bishara عزمي بشارة עזמי בשארה‎


Azmi Bishara (Nazareth, 1956) is a Palestinian intellectual, academic, political writer and writer. He holds a PhD in philosophy, and he is currently the General Director of the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and a member of its Executive Board. A prominent researcher and writer, Bishara has published numerous books and academic papers in political thought, social theory, and philosophy, in addition to several literary works. Arab Research and Policy Studies. Azmi Bishara is the recipient of the Ibn Rushd Prize for Freedom of Thought in 2002 and the Global Exchange Human Rights Award in 2003.

Azmi Bishara is particualarly known for his prolific intellectual work and his research in the fields of civil society, the theories of nationalism and what he called "the Arab question", religion and secularism, his work in renewing Arab thought, his analysis of society and the state in Israel; Second, the war on Lebanon and the aggression on Gaza, during the Arab revolutions in 2011 and 2012, as well as in the theorization of the democratic transformation and citizenship rights. He uses philosophy in his research and analytical approach to the disciplines of social sciences, in dealing with the complex issues he addresses in his books, such as freedom, justice, religion, mythology, secularism, state, nationalism, nation, civil society and others.

His political career began as the founder of the Qatar Committee for Arab Secondary Students, which was elected its president at the First Arab Secondary Students' Conference on April 6, 1974. He also became a prominent leader of the Arab student movement in Israeli universities. He was elected to the Knesset for the first time in 1996 and succeeded in four consecutive parliamentary elections. He remained a member of parliament until he left exile and resigned in 2007. Bishara is one of the most prominent anti-Zionist and anti-Israeli policy critics. He is the first to call it an apartheid state ) And considered "a state for all its citizens" in return for the "Jewish state". She may receive the Ibn Rushd Prize for Free Thought in 2002 and receive the Human Rights Award from Global Exchange in 2003.

Azmi Bishara currently lives in Qatar after his departure from Palestine in 2007 and travels to several countries. He currently manages the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, which he founded in 2010, and chairs the Board of Trustees of the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies. Azmi Bishara announced his retirement from direct political work at the beginning of 2017 with the aim of "full-time research, writing and intellectual production." And was subjected to attacks from the Arab regimes and some of its media to accuse him of playing an important role during the Arab Spring, and to stand in the ranks of the Arab peoples against their regimes.

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