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 CairoKee كايروكي  
Author /   CairoKee كايروكي
CairoKee كايروكي
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CairoKee كايروكي


Cairo-Kee, the name is aspired from both the words Cairo and karaoke which means singing along with Cairo.  The band first, started by the name “The Black star” which means the unseen star, where they used to play English covers. But the band was seriously formed in the year 2003, ever since the band has performed live in various places. The idea of playing music and performing live was a childhood dream for all the members of the band.

This was brought to life when Amir (vocal) and Hawary (guitarist) when they started singing in Arabic out of humor, really. They thought to themselves why not take it seriously and go Arabic all the way, since it’s their mother tongue while blending it with the Rock influences they have grown to love and admire: this created a really exotic and if nothing else, really interesting form of music. Later on, Tamer, Chris and Yamen joined them, with Tamer on drums, Chris working the keyboards, and Yamen on Bass. Unfortunately though, Yamen had to split the band to pursue his studies abroad an was later replaced by current bass player Haitham Ehab. Chris then left to Libya for business at one of the most crucial times in the history of the band, leaving them with no choice but to rearrange the songs. For sometime they were sort of obliged to perform as a quartet, which wasn’t something that totally bothered them. During that period, the band immensely matured both commercially and musically. This was the turning point that helped them build a strong base for their future plans. Later on, Adam (saxophone) and Bahaa (oriental percussions) joined them adding a twist of flavor to the band.


Amir Eid /vocal and guitar

Amir has started taking up music seriously after he and his other band members decided to take their band into a different level. Amir listened to various types of music, but was influenced by western Rock in Roll. Amir is always eager to explore new ideas that might deliver powerful messages to people. His voice tends to be rather fragile, comforting at the same time quite vibrant. Amir is quite an intelligent, self motivated, genuine and sensitive person. No matter what he keeps in of sad feelings, he manages to spread his positive energy so as to carry on hard working long hours of rehearsals, therefore putting everyone in a good mood. As the front man of the band, Amir enjoys a good rapport with the crowd .Once on stage he becomes a totally different person. He has the ability to reach people's hearts in an instance. When he sings he sings straight from the heart. Amir is a very optimistic person when it comes to the future of the band, he believes that sooner or later the band will achieve its' goals, "It's just a matter of time" that’s what he says.


Sherif Hawary /guitar and vocal

Sherif is a guitarist in Cairo-Kee. A few years ago, he started dedicating more time to taking his guitar talent into a more advanced stage, so as to contribute and translate all his ideas with more variety and flexibility. Sherif is a rather reserved person, his unspoken words that may seem locked behind his bars of silence, manage to speak up and assert themselves while he gently plays his guitar. His refined and creative ability is well portrayed especially when he starts improvising. Music has become a part of Sherif’s being, which enhanced his ability to listen, absorb and feel the music more. Regardless of how long he plays in each song, his tunes stay in ones ears, leaving a vivid impression. Sherif’s fine touches pass by in a song as a sweet breathe adding delicate glamour, sensibility and precision. He also has a gift in composing and writing. Sometimes he gets a streak of inspiration after having experienced something that touched his heart which eventually leads him to come up with songs that would impress the rest of the band members. There is a special bond between Sherif and his guitar, for when he starts playing his soul starts floating along with the tunes, as if they are complete.


Tamer Hashem /drums

Tamer started playing the drums since he was 12 years old. At first it was a hobby. Practicing with great motivation he joined the school band. At a later stage, he started playing along with other musicians in an informal way. This led him to consider performing. As most of us know, a drum is an instrument that requires high concentration, coordination and ability to hold steadiness through out a piece of music. In a way drums in a band represent its’ back bone. Tamer is a person who has a strong grip over his instrument. Once he sits on his chair and holds his sticks, he instantly forms a harmonious relationship with the drums. One can see true joy reflected on his body language as he starts playing. Tamer has such an amazing ability to sway the songs as though they were waves crushing on to rocks making gentle rhythms without causing commotion. In addition, he is able to distribute his concentration and focus on the song as a whole, rather than only listening to just what he wants to play. Indeed, Tamer is not a vocalist, however, he treats every single beat as if it were a word he felt and sang.


Ahmed Bahaa /oriental percussions

Ahmad was born in Alexandria, a place that has its own natural music embedded within. It is a peaceful place that is influenced by its’ serene Mediterranean Sea. In spite of the relative calmness that prevailed in his up bringing, he took up instruments that were quite different to fulfill his passion for music. Ever since he was seven years old he has been playing the “Tabla”, adding his own rhythms to the sounds around him, even if they were to the sounds of mere silence. Slowly but surely he started experimenting and developing his talent with other instruments of percussion like the Congas, until they became like another language through which he can express without using words, rather with the sounds he produces on his instruments. In spite of the fact that he plays along with Tamer on the drums, he gently sublimes causing a unique flavor to the songs. Ahmad has a good ear, he manages to pick up new songs in very short time, diving through them like a fish swimming in water.


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