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EUROPE / “We must peacefully occupy the whole country, as of today, as of now!”-Speech at the General Assembly of Kilkis Hospital workers
Date of publication at Tlaxcala: 02/03/2012
Original: “Πρέπει να καταληφθεί ειρηνικά όλη η χώρα, από σήμερα, από τώρα!”- Παρέμβαση στη συνέλευση των εργαζομένων του Νοσοκομείοιυ στο Κιλκίς

“We must peacefully occupy the whole country, as of today, as of now!”-Speech at the General Assembly of Kilkis Hospital workers

Leta Zotaki Λέτα Ζωτάκη

Translated by  Dimitra Angelopoulou Δήμητρα Αγγελοπούλου


The current and permanent problems of the National Health System and of every single sector are due to the general antipopular policy of the government and they can ’t be solved through limited, individual or specialized requests and claims.

For this reason, we incorporate our own sectorial claims within a framework of global political and financial claims of a huge percentage of greek people, who endure nowadays the most brutal capitalistic attack.
The objective of the occupation of the hospital is to question practically the political legitimacy and the legality of an arbitrary authoritarian and unpopular power and hierarchy that tends to become totalitarianism.
The workers of the General Hospital of Kilkis respond to this facism with democracy.
We sit in the public hospital which is under our financial and administrative control. The G.H. of Kilkis will be from now on self-managed and only the General Assembly of the employees will be the only organ of administrative decision-making.
The government is not released from its financial duties and from its obligation to staff and provide the hospital with all the necessary equipment, but in case it keeps on being negligent, we have both to denounce it to the public opinion and to ask from the local administration, but especially from the local community to support our effort in any possible way.
We fight for the rescue of our hospital, for the defense of the resource of free public health, for the overthrow of this government and of every neoliberal policy no matter where it comes from, so that we succeed in making our society democratic, in a way that it will be responsible to decide for its own matters, for its future.
Those who claim that not only is there no democracy, but also there is not even representation are absolutely right. I appose the  words of Spyros Raftopoulos , who correctly observes that except for the cases of the underaged, the men in custody, the people with intellectual disabilities, and in general the people who are incapable of making a legal transaction, in other words, in case of a voluntary and accurate representation, the one in head is the assignor, not the representative.

The representative’s job is to do what you tell him to do, not what he thinks is right. Raftopoulos says: “Contrarily, what is happening today is that the next moment of the election the so-called representative of ours turns automatically into the assignor who can do whatever he wants by our default. In reality, we become the assignees and we work for them. We turn from citizens into subjects. You can call it "the backwards representation"!"
The Union of The Hospital Doctors of tKilkis have began job retention and we only serve emergencies, since the 6th of February until full repayment of our accrued and the re-raising of our salaries back to before-troika levels.
As a result of the decision of the General Assembly, we sit at the cash registers and the box office mechanisms of the institution, so that health becomes free again.
Keeping in mind our social mission and the moral character of our profession, we will protect the citizens’ health, providing free care to people who need it, serving all the emergencies, we urge the government to take its responsibilities at last, leaving back its up-to-now social heartlessness.
In the current meeting , we decide for the necessary procedures for the efficient implementation of the conquest of the cash registers, the box office mechanisms and the administration bureaus from Monday at 8.30 in the morning and every day until we show the government that it’ s not legalized any more, and that we won’ t tolerate removal or dismissal. The hospital belongs to the people and its employees. The General Assembly will be responsible for making any decision about the employees and the function of the hospital.
We request the solidarity of the people, of the employees of all sectors, the partnership of the trade unions and of the progressive organizations, as well as the support of the media. We are determined not to stop , unless the traitors who sell out our country and our people leave.
It ’s them or us.
All the decisions above will be published in a press conference, where all the medias (local and national) will be invited. We will keep the citizens informed about every important event or development regards to our hospital through press conferences. Moreover, the notification will be carried out with every appropriate means so that our mobilization succeeds.
We call our fellow citizens to show solidarity in supporting our effort, we call upon every mistreated citizen of this country to actively stand up against their opressors, we urge our colleagues in all fields of the public sector, all our colleagues in other hospitals to make similar decisions and we also call eployers in all fields of public and private sector, members of labour unions and other progressive organisations to do the same, until our mobilisation becomes a mass popular and labour movement of resistance and uprising, until the final victory against the ecnomical and political elites that todyay rob our country and destroy the whole world.
The beast can become really dangerous when it is in a panic, but the fact itself that he becomes in panic is of utterly political and historical importance.
Lets be prepared for everything, but let's take to the streets. We must peacefully occupy the whole country, as of today, as of now!

Courtesy of Tlaxcala
Publication date of original article: 17/02/2012
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