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CULTURE & COMMUNICATION / Western societies: Integration of immigrants and freedom of expression
Date of publication at Tlaxcala: 01/11/2020
Original: جوامع غربی
!ادغام مهاجرین و حق آزادی بیان

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Western societies: Integration of immigrants and freedom of expression

Mostafa Ghahremani مصطفی قهرمانی


An indictment against a failed policy of assimilation

The brutal murder of Samuel Paty, a history teacher in a school on the outskirts of Paris by a "radical Islamist", unleashed a wave of anger and hatred not only in Europe but worldwide. This action is inexcusable, but is itself a sign of a complex and multi-layered pathology of Western societies. 

The problem of these societies - their inability to integrate second and third generation migrants - is due to their dichotomy and dishonesty in their presented views, speeches and actions and not only in their disastrous imperialist foreign policy in the Middle East. Like 19th century Zionism, the extreme Islamism of our time is the result of discriminatory and unequal social conditions for non-Christians in Europe. 

Non-Christian and mostly Muslim immigrants, especially in the second and third generation, can be interpreted as a different kind of "damned of the earth" (Frantz Fanon), who on the one hand know these communities well because of their birth in these countries, and on the other hand, because of their direct and immediate encounters with injustices and naked inequalities, they are the consolation bait for radicalization by snake catchers, who themselves are sometimes appeased and even helped in the Middle East by Western intelligence services and their allies. Let us not forget that the "democratic" and supposedly so "tolerant" France, the country of Voltaire and Rousseau, was and still is one side of the equation in the Libyan and Syrian conflicts. This dichotomy and hypocrisy can no longer be wrapped in the golden paper of freedom of expression. At least for second and third generation immigrants "this henna has no color anymore". 

Let's not kid ourselves, these people and public opinion are not stupid. This is a different society, not that of Sartre, de Beauvoir, Russell and Chomsky. 

Governments of the western metropolises are not trying to integrate these new citizens. The aim is not to maintain diversity and integration and coexistence and even cross-fertilization of the different cultures and religions, but only, an "assimilation" at all costs based on the basic values of the so-called "Leitkultur" of the respective host country. Of course, this can only be achieved by completely giving up one's own "identity". The product is soulless creatures that have no place in the host community, nor in the society from which their parents came. 

"Migrants" today in Paris, Marseille and Lille... are no longer guests who have come to leave. They belong to France, like "baguette" and "Bordeaux". France is their home. But this fatherland does not like to receive them in this house and refuses to take custody of their unwanted children. At best they were tolerated as second-class citizens, the "Sansculottes" of our time. 

However, France and Europe in general must accept them, not mock their religious and cultural beliefs and those of their parents. They should avoid blame and take responsibility for their misguided policies in the education and integration of these children and new citizens. They should have the courage to try out new ways for the progress and prosperity of their countries 

However, with a "keep it up" on the path of the failed policy of "assimilation", repetitions of such unfortunate events could certainly not be avoided.

Courtesy of Tlaxcala
Publication date of original article: 28/10/2020
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