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EUROPE / Scandal in Italy! Luis Suárez cheated on his Italian test
There would be recordings that prove it
Date of publication at Tlaxcala: 23/09/2020
Original: ¡Escándalo en Italia! Luis Suárez habría hecho trampas en su examen de italiano
Habrían grabaciones que lo demuestran

Scandal in Italy! Luis Suárez cheated on his Italian test
There would be recordings that prove it



According to Italian reports, Luis Suárez cheated on his Italian test. An investigation is ongoing and five persons have been charged. The police would have reported this and there would be evidence that would show that the Uruguayan knew in advance the questions of his test

The 'Gazzetta dello Sport' has informed this Tuesday on what could be one of the greatest scandals of the summer. Seemingly, Luis Suárez did cheats to pass the examination of Italian that had to happen to obtain the B1 certification in this language. The answers to this proof were allegedl filtered to the charrúa  so that he could obtain an Italian passport in order to be able to play for the Juventus team of Turín or another team in Italy.

The Italian newspaper ensures that the police is investigating the facts and has proofs that invite to think that the examination of the forward was altered. There are sentences recorded that they are devastating and that leave clear that there could be a scam in this whole affair. "He makes 10 million, he has to pass the exam" or "but if he can't conjugate the verbs and only speaks in the infinitive" are excerpts taken from the conversation between the examiners.

But there would be much more on these recordings, and they openly acknowledge that the star knew the questions in advance. In fact, it is clear that the examiners were pressured by someone above them. "Tell me what grade I give and that's it"; "if you don't pass they'll put a bomb on us" or "we have prepared him well, he has memorised part of the examination", are other extracts that would have led the police to initiate the investigation.

The newspaper 'MARCA' even provides the official police document to initiate this process to clarify what happened in the Uruguayan's B1 test. "Irregularities arose in the certification test of Italian language, carried out on September 17, by the Uruguayan footballer Luis Alberto Suárez Díaz, necessary to obtain the Italian citizenship", begins the document.

The police believe that Suárez was approved before the test

The Italian police considers the entire examination to have been a pantomime and that the culé [FC Barcelona player] knew perfectly well what they were going to ask him. "From the investigated activities it can be seen that the subjects dealt with in the exam were previously agreed with the candidate and that the relative score was attributed to him even before the exam was held, despite the fact that during the distance lessons given by the teachers of the University he showed an elementary knowledge of the Italian language", they point out in the document.

This scandal comes at the worst possible time for Suárez, who is now close to leaving Barcelona. The attacker already has an agreement with Atlético de Madrid, but Josep Maria Bartomeu has stopped the termination of his contract because he doesn't want him to go to the Red-White team for free. We will have to see how this tug-of-war between club and player ends and what consequences this investigation into the test with which he obtained dual citizenship has for the goal scorer.

Courtesy of FC Barcelona Noticias
Publication date of original article: 22/09/2020
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