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 26/09/2020 Tlaxcala, the international network of translators for linguistic diversity Tlaxcala's Manifesto  
EUROPE / Take to the streets on June 6 for George Floyd, against racism, oppression, police abuse
Call to the academic community
Date of publication at Tlaxcala: 04/06/2020
Original: 6 giugno in piazza per George Floyd, contro razzismo, oppressione, abusi in divisa
Appello alla comunità accademica

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Take to the streets on June 6 for George Floyd, against racism, oppression, police abuse
Call to the academic community

Various Authors - Div. Auteurs -Versch. Autoren -Muhtelif Yazarlar-مؤلفون مُتنوِّعون - نویسندگان مختلف



In the United States of America riots are spreading, sparked by the murder of George Floyd, in order to obtain social justice, go against police brutality and racial discriminations: the support to the cause has to be extended worldwide. In the streets of USA, joining the #BlackLivesMatter movement there are black men and women (with their antiracist claims,) expressing the working class’ struggle with poverty and oppression, the righteous anger of a community  that has suffered hundreds of years of white suprematism and still suffers it nowadays(as well as the concequences of a profoundly unequal society) in a society that is profoundly unequal, economically, and more outrageously, in the number of deaths caused by coronavirus.

The victims in the african-american community caused by police officers are growing, together with the white suprematist manifestations encouraged by president Trump and the engagement of army and military forces, even in attempt to censor the press as evidenced by the arrest of a CNN reporter that was covering the riots.
Meanwhile, Donald Trump declared antifascists a terrorist organization: a value so deeply shared by all the social fights across the world is being twisted and misrepresented and we can’t stay quiet about it.

We must join a common fight in support of the movement that started in the USA, demanding justice for the victims of racism and police violence worldwide, against the politicians that are supporting the actions of Trump and those who defended and covered up racist and violent acts.

On the 6th of June we will start making flash-mobs in all Italy’s cities as well as in other countries, starting the mobilitation with a video with a spokesman for each association that in his language declares his support to the riots and the antifascist cause, sharing it on social media as a bold statement against the Trump government.

If he wants to arrest us he has to find us!

Unione degli Studenti, il sindacato studentesco (Student Union)
Link-Coordinamento Universitario (Academic coordination)
Rete della Conoscenza (Knowledge Network)

ROMA - 7 giugno - piazza SS. Apostoli h 11
NAPOLI - Consolato USA (p.zza della Repubblica) h 15
BARI - piazza Umberto I h 11
BOLOGNA - piazza maggiore h 19
VITTORIA - comune h 17

Academia against racism – appeal to the academic community

As academic community, as students, professors, researchers, and all university staff, we strongly condemn the violent repression that is taking place in the United States following the death of George Floyd on May 25th.

We believe that everyone’s freedom of demonstration and free expression of ideas must be protected.

The tragic death of George Floyd and the subsequent demonstrations that are taking place across the United States must deeply question society and in particular our universities, responsible for spreading knowledge and culture, on how far we are from eliminating the contradictions of a society in which brutality sometimes takes over justice, in which there are still abuses by police, in which dissent is repressed with violence.

We express solidarity with George Floyd, withthose who demonstrate for his death and ask for justice, and with those who have been injured or killed doing it.

On June 6 we want to take action together with those who will demonstrate throughout Italy, the academic community supports the anti-fascist ideas that are pushing so many to mobilize against the violence of repression and against Trump administration that not only allows, but also fosters it.

►To subscribe the appeal and see the list of first signatories, go here

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Publication date of original article: 02/06/2020
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