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UNIVERSAL ISSUES / Bringing A Dark Place to Light – Julian Assange’s Facing the Political and Judicial System, hearing of January 13, 2020
Date of publication at Tlaxcala: 23/01/2020
Original: Remonter de la Dark Place à la lumière : Julian Assange face au système politique et judiciaire, audience du 13 janvier 2020

Bringing A Dark Place to Light – Julian Assange’s Facing the Political and Judicial System, hearing of January 13, 2020

WikiJustice Julian Assange


The following article was written by M. K. for Wikijustice Julian Assange.

Originally published in French, it was translated using Deepl into English.

The human rights organization Wikijustice Julian Assange filed its third request for the release of Julian Assange during the week of 6 January, along with the report of the association’s doctor who attended the hearing on 19 December 2019. These documents, submitted to the court by a British lawyer or human rights organization, could have led to the immediate release of Julian Assange the same day, not only because he is a political prisoner, but also, and this is a huge scandal, because he is being tortured in his current place of detention.

The document also points out the procedural flaws and irregularities committed by the Westminster Magistrate Court during the hearing Case 1902473293 – EIO/026/19 – British Home Office Executor of 20 December 2019 . On that day, before and during Julian Assange’s physical appearance, unauthorised persons once again found themselves in a consultation room of the court to discuss the “Assange case”. The hearing publicly announced as taking place in room 10 was secretly moved to another room, number 4, and the door was closed without any official closed-door sessions being announced. The door of this courtroom was locked and kept closed by the head of security of the private company Mitie, who attended the proceedings when he is not normally allowed to do so in a closed session.

These violations of law are worrying, as no observer knows who the plaintiff is or what the purpose of this procedure is, which was announced by Julian Assange’s lawyers as a complaint made in Spain against the Spanish company UC Global accused of having spied on Julian Assange in the state-owned apartment of Ecuador at 3 Hans Crescent Street in London. The problem is that the European Investigation Order (European Arrest Warrant) can be used to interview victims and witnesses, but also to extradite suspects for questioning to European countries. It is therefore important for Wikijustice to clarify the situation of Julian Assange in this procedure when other individual rights of Julian Assange have again been violated: Andy Müller Maguhn, president of the Wau Holland Foundation, presented at the conference of the Chaos Computer Club in Leipzig on 28 December 2019 the private videos of Julian Assange, logically without his consent since these images belong to the legal procedure of the European Investigation Order 1902473293 – EIO/026/19.

Thus Julian Assange’s right to privacy has apparently been violated by the head of a German institution with which Julian Assange has been working under contract since 2011 as head of the 04 “Wikileaks” project and since 2014 as manager of the Icelandic company Sunshine Press Production. How Andy Müller Maguhn was able to access these evidentiary images in criminal proceedings is highly problematic, as is the way in which he was able to exhibit them urbi et orbi. A key defense attorney for Julian Assange, master Baltasar Garzon, was also publicly shown by Andy Müller Maguhn in these excerpts from surveillance camera footage.


Courtesy of Deepl
Publication date of original article: 19/01/2020
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Tags: Julian AssangeWikiLeaksPolitical prisoners of the EmpireExtranordinary RenditionsUSA-UK

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