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EUROPE / France: After the age of the cathedrals, that of indecency, hypocrisy and incompetence
Date of publication at Tlaxcala: 26/04/2019
Original: Après le temps des cathédrales, celui de l’indécence, de l’hypocrisie et de l’incompétence
Translations available: Español  Português/Galego 

France: After the age of the cathedrals, that of indecency, hypocrisy and incompetence

Rémy Herrera

Translated by  John Catalinotto


A cathedral burned down. One of the most beautiful, on the Ile de la Cité, the ancestral heart of Paris; one of the most imposing, built in the Central Middle Ages over the course of nearly two centuries (probably started in 1163, under King Louis VII The Pious, and finished in 1345).

Notre-Dame is one of the most magnificent cathedrals, which was built thanks to the talents of generations of architects of the new Gothic art and the golden hands of a host of craft and traditional workers and then to those of the “compagnons du devoir” (crafts guilds) who restored it in the 19th century after the genius Victor Hugo’s writings were published. This is the same Hugo who celebrated the sans-culottes (revolutionary masses) of the 1789 French Revolution and opened his door to the communards [of 1871] and revived popular appreciation for this masterpiece.

Notre-Dame is the most visited monument in Europe: 20 million people flock to its square and 13 million enter it every year. Its roof ignited and the fire devoured the “forest” — 100 meters long of 1,300 oaks used to build its framework, along with its lead tiles and its large arrow.

Before firefighters extinguished the fire’s last embers, the billionaires, like vermin that had already been flushed and smoked out, had pulled out their bloated wallets. The “leaders” [in charity] elbowed each other aside in order to achieve a nice “publicity coup” — and for those who believe — a ticket to box seats in paradise. Obscenely competitive donations flowed in.  

The bids flew about in the spiritual auction house. “Hear, hear, hear, good people, bow down at the feet of your master. Thank them for their kindness and generosity and rally to the banner of national unity!”

Everything is monetized

Repulsive indecency runs rampant in their world where everything is a commodity and publicity for them, and where everything is monetized, bought, sold, redeemed, resold, degraded, corrupted and desecrated.  Put up your cash!

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The Canadair has finally arrived!

Courtesy of Workers World
Publication date of original article: 18/04/2019
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