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EDITORIALS & OP-EDS / France: Why the elephant in the room is wearing a yellow vest
Open letter to whom it may concern
Date of publication at Tlaxcala: 08/12/2018
Original: Pourquoi l'éléphant dans la pièce porte un gilet jaune
Lettre ouverte à qui de droit

France: Why the elephant in the room is wearing a yellow vest
Open letter to whom it may concern

Dominique Macabies


Mr. President,
Distinguished Ministers and members of Parliament, trade union leaders,

Yellow Vests "do not know what they want" because such a high degree of gross injustice has been reached that none of the traditional solutions can apply. Here is the pattern, every time a social movement breaks out:

- Contempt by the government - "we haven't done enough pedagogy ( = the people are so stupid)" / Violence / The government throws a bone, until there is nothing left to gnaw off the bone, and therefore/ Social movement / Contempt..... Etc.

Argument of the authorities: your demands are impossible to finance, so "go home, good people! »

Indeed, they are! Since the State has allowed itself (especially since the 1970s but also before that) to pull the rug from under its feet by letting itself be deprived of the resources necessary to satisfy workers' legitimate demands (is it  a deliberate desire to "prove" that everything must be privatized since the State is so powerless?)

This is the way the state make itself helpless:

- Illegal tax evasion:

Loss for France____________________________billion € / YEAR

(I’ll let you fill in the numbers: you know them better than anyone else... and do nothing / everyone will be able to get these figures, without fearing that mine might be wrong or biased)

- Legal tax evasion (niches, etc.):

Loss for France____________________________billion € / YEAR

- Gifts to the richest, supposedly waiting for an ever elusive "trickle down" effect down to the poorest (which never happens, since these gifts are not spent in the real economy but only serve to inflate the financial bubble).

Loss for France____________________________billion € / YEAR

- Governmental profligate governance: wasted funds / very high government-related executives’ salaries compared to other countries worldwide; in favor of a very high number of representatives (compared to other countries), even after their return to civilian life.

Loss for France____________________________billion € / YEAR

- Obligation of the State to obtain financing at INTEREST and on financial markets, instead of obtaining interest-free financing from each country's National Bank (as was done until 1972 in France)

Loss for France____________________________billion € / AN, to repay interest only, not the principal – which will never get repaid as it is so huge.

- The money supply (PUBLIC good) generated by the loans supplied at a high cost by banks (PRIVATE). Every time you and me get a loan, the bank pulls out ( = invents) this money just by keying in their computers the amount you borrow ! (And gets interest on money it never had until you asked the bank for it...)

Mayer Amschel Rothschild: "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!" »

Therefore, the only way to repay all debts, public and private, is to borrow even more from the lenders themselves, and wait for the next, inevitable, credit crisis – which offers so many lucrative opportunities for traders of all kinds! (see the "Positive Money" thinktank by British economists  + the video "Money as Debt": explanations are accessible to any citizen even without any knowledge of economics, therefore all the more convincing for an economist of your caliber.

TOTAL Shortfalls to Earn for France _____________________________billion € / year, which could finance the NEEDS OF THE FRENCH (and no longer the greed of the 1%)

The government wants to continue to force 99% of French people to struggle in the wading pool, in order to allow the 1% to linger in the Olympic pool. We do not want to share crumbs but to benefit from the fruits of our work, the engine of growth. Labor is not a cost, it is an investment, but the cost of capital is astronomical.

So, THAT IS WHAT HAS TO CHANGE, the rest is just literature and a scam, but it is less easy to explain it than to lay the blame on our “evil migrants” and other “Employment Agency fraudsters”, especially in order to, please, not talk about the elephant in the room: the CAPTURE OF THE NATIONAL WEALTH BY A MINUSCULE MINORITY, which has the advantage of financing election campaigns, but reduces you to stand at their beck and call afterwards.

Unless you do these reforms – somewhat more radical, legitimate and effective than the dressings on wooden legs that have been applied to us for more than 70 years - YOU CAN REDISTRIBUTE ONLY THE CRUMBS THAT THE PRIVILEGED WILL DEEM NECESSARY TO LET TRICKLE DOWN TO THE UNDERDOGS, JUST TO ENSURE SOCIAL PEACE; for shorter and shorter “social peace” periods, because people are at the end of their tether and... "the king is naked".

Governments' argument: all countries should carry out these reforms at the same time, because the first to get on with it will be the mug of the worldwide crooks … So France must persist in its sclerosis of pushing on the path of a governance that has long been out of steam.

This is not true: France must set an example. And other countries cannot afford not to follow suit, at the risk of  seeing "Red Caps" and other sundry "Yellow Vests" rise in their own countries, not to mention other fearsome revolutionary "jacqueries" (peasants' rebellions) already seen in France and more recently in other countries.

And I can prove it: the French government has just announced (on December 6, 2018) that it will start at once taxing the GAFAs on its own, hoping that other countries will follow our example. At last!

Thank you for showing a minimum of political and economic vision and the courage that suits your duties.



Courtesy of Tlaxcala
Publication date of original article: 07/12/2018
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