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UNIVERSAL ISSUES / Berlin, Bilin, Nilin: These eleven walls walling the world and keeping it murmuring
Date of publication at Tlaxcala: 09/11/2018
Original: Coup de dent n°118
Berlin, Bilin, Nilin : Ces onze murs murant le monde qui rendent le monde murmurant

Translations available: Español 

Mouthful #118
Berlin, Bilin, Nilin: These eleven walls walling the world and keeping it murmuring

Ayman El Kayman Αϋμαν Eλ Καϋμάν أيمن الكايمان

Translated by  Eve Harguindey


We are republishing this column from November 2009, which has not lost any of its relevance, on the occasion of the World Day of Action for a World without Walls.-Tlaxcala


The Berlin Wall, the "anti-fascist protection barrier" that was supposed to protect the socialist paradise from capitalist hell, razed to the ground in Berlin itself, is reincarnating (or rather reinconcreting) all over the globe:

  - In Palestine, where it is supposed to protect the "Only Democracy in the Middle East" from indigenous "terrorism”

- In the USA, along the Rio Grande, where it is supposed to protect the "good America" from the Latin invasion

- In Ceuta and Melilla, where he is supposed to protect rich Europe from the invasion of starving Negroes.

- In Western Sahara, where it is supposed to protect the Moroccan occupier from attacks by indigenous people driven out by the occupation in Algeria

- In Pakistan, to protect the "land of the pure" from the evil Taliban

- In India-occupied Kashmir, to protect it from "evil kashmiri-terrorist -manipulated-by- Pakistan"

- In Cyprus, where it is supposed to prevent Greek apples  from mixing with Turkish oranges

- In Korea, where he is supposed to protect the democratic South from  the totalitarian North

- In Saudi Arabia, where he is supposed to protect petroprinces from Yemeni lice

- In Baghdad, where he is supposed to protect the "good Shia" from the "bad Sunnis".

- In Belfast, where he is supposed to prevent His Majesty's good and loyal Protestant subjects from getting into trouble with the Republican papists

That makes eleven walls to be demolished, eleven chains of dominoes to be tilted. As a matter of urgency. A lot of work in perspective for Angela, Nicolas, Lech, Mikhaïl, Hillary and Barack.

In Nilin, they have already started demolition work:

"Marking the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Palestinians demolished this Friday in the West Bank village of Ni'lin, a section of the wall built by Israel. During the weekly demonstration against the wall, which passes through the centre of the village in the Ramallah region and isolates the inhabitants from 60% of their agricultural land, some 300 demonstrators methodically dismantled a concrete section before Israeli forces opened fire. They burned tires and knocked down an eight-metre-high concrete slab with the help of a mechanical car jack. "Twenty years ago, no one imagined that the monstrosity of a Berlin divided in two could ever be destroyed, but it only took two days to do so," Muhib Hawaja, one of the demonstrators, told the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Aharonot. "Today, we have proven that we too can impose it, here and now. These are our lands beyond this wall, and we have no intention of accepting its existence. We will triumph because justice is on our side." (Ma'an News Agency/, November 7, 2009)

Ayman El Kayman, General Delegate of the WUWDW (World Union of Wall Demolition Workers)



Have a good week, though!

May the Force of Spirit be with you!

...and see you next Tuesday!


Courtesy of Tlaxcala
Publication date of original article: 10/11/2009
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