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IMAGE AND SOUND / What if Merkel took a truth serum?
Date of publication at Tlaxcala: 14/05/2018
Translations available: Italiano 

What if Merkel took a truth serum?

Chaos Theory Studios


At the same time entertaining and overwhelming, this animation by Chaos Theory has an unlikely protagonist: Angela Merkel, whose reviving John Lennon managed to swallow the truth serum created by even Janis Joplin. But behind the imagination, a synthetic and effective exposition of even too real data, including those taken from Anschluss by Vladimiro Giacché, the book that raised the veil not only on the dark side (and silenced) of the reunification of the two Germanies, but on how much that story tells of the destiny that awaits the peripheral countries within the Eurozone. 

Courtesy of Chaos Theory Studios
Publication date of original article: 21/07/2017
URL of this page : http://www.tlaxcala-int.org/article.asp?reference=23380


Tags: EuropeEuroAngela Merkel

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