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EDITORIALS & OP-EDS / Letter on Dr. Ahmed Amasha's disappearance in Egypt
Date of publication at Tlaxcala: 15/03/2017
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Letter on Dr. Ahmed Amasha's disappearance in Egypt



We receive and publish following letter:


I am Mohamed Amasha, an Egyptian Political Science and International Relations major. This letter is about a crisis in Egypt regarding human rights activists. Since Last Friday (10th March 2017) night, Dr. Ahmed Shawky Abdelsatar Amasha has not been in contact with anyone and we believe that this is an enforced disappearance and we as his family accuse the Egyptian regime, based on many similar enforced disappearance cases that have been done by the regime. Dr. Amasha is a well known human rights, environmentalist and political activist. At the same time he is a veterinarian rights activist who was elected as the head of the Veterinarian's Guild in Damietta, Egypt.

Details regarding the disappearance

On Friday (10th March 2017) night Dr. Amasha did not return home in Cairo, Egypt, we tried to contact him by any means but unfortunately we failed. We waited until the next evening before we announced that he could not be reached. We believe that  Dr. Amasha was kidnapped by the police of the  regime, as this is what the regime does to people who work on forced disappearance cases and general humanitarian issues in Egypt, which is exactly what Dr. Amasha was doing. We have contacted many international human rights organizations (such as Al-Karama for human rights and Amnesty International), and we are continuing and will continue to campaign.

Details regarding  enforced disappearance

According to Amnesty International’s report of enforced disappearance, ‘Enforced disappearance has become a key instrument of state policy in Egypt. Anyone who dares to speak out is at risk, with counter-terrorism being used as an excuse to abduct, interrogate and torture people who challenge the authorities.’ According to a Human Rights Watch report, there were 164 such cases between April and June, 2015. And according to Al-Nadeem Center, an egyptian NGO, 980 such cases in 2016.

Details about Dr. Amasha

As a human rights activist, Dr. Amasha was working with the Egyptian and international Human Rights organizations on enforced disappearances, unjust capital punishments for political prisoners, women rights as many women are being raped and killed by the Egyptian regime. He has not only been campaigning but he was also in contact with the families of the victims which helped with the annual human rights reports and general documentations of such cases.

As an environmentalist, Dr. Amasha was a leading figure in the environmentalist campaign against Agrium Inc. factory in Damietta which has disastrous effects on the environment. He is the founder of the Arab Association for Environment and Sustainable Development. He also played an important role in the environmentalist protests on the Environment Day throughout the years, for which he collaborated with many other environmentalist associations.

As a veterinarian, Dr. Amasha has been a member of the Veterinarian Guild Council in Damietta for many years and he got elected to be the head of the guild in 2012. He was a leading figure for the veterinarian rights in Egypt, while he led many specialized conferences in the field. During the bird flu and swine flu periods, he led many awareness campaigns. He was an important contributor, as a veterinarian representative in the parliament, he fought to reform the legislations on the veterinary supervision on animal fields.

As a political activist, Dr. Amasha was a founder of the Dialogue Commission between the political actors in Damietta in 2000. He is a founder member of Kifaya (Enough) movement which included representatives of many political parties and actors like liberals, leftists, Christians and right wing politicians.

Details about his health            

Dr. Amasha, being 56 years old, suffers from disc prolapse, neuralgia, retinal detachment, and stomach ulcer.

Reaction from the civil society organizations

Many civil society organizations and activist leaders have condemned such ‘terrifying campaign’ against Human Right activists and they declare the ministry of internal affairs as the main responsible for what happened to Dr. Amasha. That declaration was signed by: Al-Nadeem Centre, Women Issues Centre, ECFR, Free Speech and Thought Centre and many others. You can find the report in Arabic at this link.

We ask for your help to spread the news about Dr. Amasha to create a pressure to find him.

Thank you for your time

Tlaxcala recommend:

►Write to the Egyptian embassy or consulate in your country or city


Courtesy of Tlaxcala
Publication date of original article: 15/03/2017
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